Having split up with his girlfriend upon arrival in Bangkok, a young English backpacker, Adam (Stuart Laing), arrives on an island in the Gulf of Thailand. During a game of volleyball on the beach, he notices a beautiful Thai girl. When the volleyball knocks over the girl's som tam salad, he hurriedly overpays the vendor for another dish. She is touched by his generosity. He is called back to the game, but when he next looks around, she is gone.

Adam is on the lookout for the girl that evening, and meets a seemingly friendly ex-pat bar owner called Joey (Francis Magee). By luck he finds her in the back room of a local massage parlour that Joey takes him to. Their intimacy is developed by a sensual massage, a simple conversation and the arrangement to meet the next day. Against an exotic backdrop the girl, Em (Napakpapha Nakprasitte), takes Adam to a waterfall. He wins her affection and she his...

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After splitting up with his girlfriend whilst on holiday in Thailand, a young English backpacker, Adam, meets and falls in love with a beautiful Thai girl, Em, on an island paradise. His world falls apart when he lies to her about another girl and she ends the relationship. But when he uncovers a fraudulent passport operation involving Em he is forced to warn and rescue her from a plot involving human trafficking.