Produced by De Warrenne Pictures



STUART LAING (Adam) UK actor Stuart Laing's previous credits include the BBC drama In a Land of Plenty and The Lawless Heart with Tom Hollander. He also starred in South West 9, the follow up to the UK hit film Human Traffic.





NAPAKPAPHA "MAMEE" NAKPRASITTE (Em) Napakpapha "Mamee" Nakprasitte became a sensation in Thailand overnight when she was chosen to star in Tai Entertainment's erotic drama Mae Bia, one of Thailand's all time top ten highest box office grossing films. Playing Em was a great challenge for the young actress, as it was her first English speaking role. In preparation for the part, she immersed herself in the art of traditional Thai massage.




FRANCIS MAGEE (Joey) Irish actor Francis Magee starred in Kaprice Kea's debut film The Hurting, and has worked in numerous film and television roles, best known for his role in BBC's Eastenders.





GAVAN O'HERLIHY (Bill Kincaid) American actor Gavan O'Herlihy is the son of Hollywood actor Dan O'Herlihy, and has already had a long and established career including notable credits such as Willow alongside Val Kilmer, Superman III, and Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery.





VASA VATCHARAYON (Noi) Vasa Vatcharayon is a Thai model and actress. Like Napakpapha Nakprasitte, the film was a challenge for her as it was her first English speaking role playing bar girl Noi.





ABIGAIL GOOD (No Name) Previous to playing No Name in Butterfly Man, Abigail Good played the mystery masked woman alongside Tom Cruise in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.



KIRSTY MITCHELL (Kate) Scottish actress Kirsty Mitchell starred alongside Michael Keaton and Robert Duval in A Shot At Glory, and in Al's Lads, before appearing in the US tv mini-series Attila.




KAPRICE KEA (Writer/Director) London based British independent filmmaker Kaprice Kea represents the cutting edge of a new wave of independent filmmakers, self-taught, "hands-on" and passionate.

In the early 1990's, Kaprice founded The Peeping Tom's Club, a Soho venue for independent film-makers. In 1993, Kaprice made his first 35mm short, the haunting and sensual Honeymoon Beyond. The acclaimed director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) described it as "excellent... shot with distinction, real energy, commitment and vision." He followed this with The Hurting, a sensitive tale of compassion and healing, which was screened at Sydney and won the Best Producer's Award at Raindance. Butterfly Man is Kaprice's first international feature film.



TOM WALLER (Producer) [email protected]

Tom Waller set up the UK production company De Warrenne Pictures Ltd. in 1996 when he was just 22, after graduating from the Ravensbourne School of Television and Broadcasting and the Northern Film School.

In 1997 he produced and directed his debut feature film Monk Dawson, starring John Michie, Martin Kemp and Paula Hamilton, adapted from the award winning novel by Piers Paul Read (Alive) and distributed world-wide by Southern Star. The film was released in the UK in 1998 to much critical acclaim and also played at several international film festivals including Bangkok, Edinburgh, Las Vegas, Leeds, and Sochi, and was nominated in the Best Film category at the 3rd Annual UK Creative Freedom Awards.

In 1999 he was short-listed by BAFTA for the Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer in British Film.

In 2000 he participated in the EAVE scheme, training in project development for European Film and Television Production and Co-production, supported by the MEDIA Programme and Skillset. Born in Bangkok, he speaks Thai and is an Executive Committee member of the Anglo-Thai Society.

For his next project he will produce White Rabbit, a whodunit thriller also set in Thailand. He is currently under management with Alan Greenspan at International Arts Entertainment in Los Angeles.



PAIROJ ROLJERTANYA (Associate Producer) Pairoj Roljertanya's Harmonic Film Productions acted as local co-ordinators on the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and Twentieth Century Fox's Anna and the King.

STEPHEN BENTLEY-KLEIN (Composer) Having trained at the Manhattan School of Music in New York and the Guildhall School in London, Steve Bentley-Klein has been working as an orchestrator on film and television scores. Butterfly Man is Steve's first feature film score as composer. Previously he has worked with musicians like David Byrne and Rod Stewart, and was the orchestrator and arranger on three of Morcheeba's albums. Currently, he is working on Morcheeba vocalist Sky Edwards' solo album. Sky appears on the soundtrack with the song "Butterfly", and the score features Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller and percussionist Miles Bould.

PETER MICHAEL SULLIVAN (Sound Designer) A veteran of more than twenty Hollywood movies, Thailand based Peter Michael Sullivan came on board the film after Kaprice discovered him at a party in Bangkok and persuaded him to work on the film! With credits including The Abyss, Das Boot: Director's Cut and Air Force One, he worked on the sound effects team that won an Academy Award for Braveheart. The soundtrack of the movie was mixed in Dolby Digital SRD at Cinecolor Digital Sound in Bangkok.

      Produced by De Warrenne Pictures